"Coaching with Anna every week is MY hour that I give to myself to get everything out of my mind that is getting in the way of creating what I want. She holds the space for me to create my success."

Meaghan J Smith
Coach, Australien

"Anna har hjälpt mig att hitta strategier för att ändra mina tankar och invanda beteenden. Med enkla knep har jag kunnat ändra beteenden och tankar som gett mig ett bättre liv. "

Lamina Boltjes

"I felt an instant connection with Anna – we “clicked.” Right away, I was able to open up and share my fears and questions, my hopes and ambitions. She challenged me to examine my thoughts, and she encouraged me to take steps to change what displeased me – but always reinforced that I was in charge of my thoughts and my actions! Now when I find myself reacting to a situation, I can pause and remind myself that I get to choose how I want to respond. The feeling of power over my own life is a gift I didn’t even know I was waiting for. Thank you, Anna, for your kindness, your humor, and your wisdom. "

Rhode Island, USA

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